Reading with Children - How to get started?

Reading with Children - How to get started? - The Willoughby Book Club

Introducing your child to the wonderful world of books and reading can feel intimidating, but don't be daunted! Reading with your child can be a pleasure to treasure, with the potential to open the door to worlds of imagination and knowledge.

Use our tips and tricks to help create some time for stress-free togetherness that you and your child can both enjoy rather than just another chore. 

Let's make reading time something to look forward to!


Creating a reading area!

Having a dedicated reading area for your child introduces reading as an interactive and enjoyable activity. By creating a fun, cosy space filled with a variety of books, reading will be something your child looks forward to.

Be imaginative with your reading area! By creating a book nook your child will be interested in, the negative stigma surrounding reading being a chore will be a thing of the past…

Here are some examples of what your reading area could look like, but remember, a favourite chair or a snuggly corner of the bed will serve just as well!



Ask your child what they would like to read! By giving choice and options you’re allowing your child to explore something they are interested in, making reading time fun!

Encourage your child to grow a genuine interest by offering variety, from non-fiction to fiction, to nursery rhymes to audiobooks, there is something out there for everyone… you just have to find it!

Create conversation!

Whether it’s a picture book or a novel, ask your child questions about what they are thinking and feeling. This is a great way to talk about your child’s fears and worries or to open up about your child’s emotions.

By asking questions relating to the story and how your child is feeling, you are giving your child space to feel comfortable and open up. By creating a safe space for conversation, you are creating a bond for life with your child.


Visiting the library!

Taking a trip to the library is a fun way for you to create opportunities to help your child explore their interests. Library trips create excitement for your child to be able to choose their next book! Creating a time for you and your child to bond, library trips are great fun for everyone in the family!


Creating routine

Having a little bit of time each day set aside for reading time establishes some time for your child to be able to sit and relax.

By setting aside reading time each day, you are creating time for your child to wind down, relax and bond with you. Giving your child the opportunity to enjoy being read to or being read to aloud is a great way of mixing up traditional reading stereotypes.  Whether it be in the morning before school or before bedtime, just 10 minutes a day of reading with your child is a great way to encourage time together. 


Anywhere and everywhere!

Start to introduce reading in everyday life, encouraging your child to engage in cooking. Simple recipes will help your child recognise ingredients and instructions, and newspapers and magazines will also help create a personal interest in what your child wants to explore and read.



Lead by example!

Your child can feel and understand energy a lot more than words. By creating an exciting buzz around reading time rather than stress and frustration, you are communicating that you enjoy storytime. 

Encourage your child with enthusiasm! They love doing what Mum and Dad are doing, so by seeing you enjoy even 10 minutes of reading will have much more impact than you would realise!  




Reading doesn’t just have to be a visual experience; your child may prefer audiobooks or perhaps a write-your-own novel book. Either alternative is great for those who prefer an auditory way of learning. 



So, get cosy, curl up with a book, and share this special moment!

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