If we haven’t answered your question please get in touch via email hello@thewilloughbybookclub.co.uk

How do the subscriptions work?

To understand how our subscriptions work, click here!

When will the first book be sent?

The first book will be sent within 5 business working days from the payment, then all the follow up books will be sent on the 1st of each month. The books typically arrive within 2-4 days from the dispatch date.

How do I choose my books?

We offer a fully curated service so all of your books will be chosen by one of our expert book selection specialists based on the information given to us when you purchase your subscription.

How do I know what books you will send?

The Willoughby Book Club aims to surprise and delight with every book we send. We carefully choose titles based on the preferences given when you purchase your subscription. We understand that not everyone enjoys the surprise element, so we also offer a spoiler service. If you opt into this service you will receive an email letting you know what we have selected, giving you the option to ask us to choose again should you already own the book we have chosen. To join the spoiler service, please email hello@thewilloughbybookclub.co.uk for more information. 

How do I join the spoiler service?

To join the spoiler service, please email hello@thewilloughbybookclub.co.uk for more information. 

What if I recieve a book I already own?

We will always do our best to introduce you to books and authors that you may not have tried or heard of, but we understand that you may receive a book that you already own or have previously read. Should this happen please get in touch via hello@thewilloughbybookclub.co.uk and we’ll happily send you a replacement.

My book hasn’t arrived, what do I do?

Firstly, we’re really sorry! All our books are sent out on the 1st of the month or the next working day. UK customers should receive their books within 2-4 working days, and International subscribers should receive theirs within 5-7 working days. If you haven’t received your book by 10th of the month, please get in touch and we’ll arrange for a replacement to be sent. If you have just placed an order, your first book will be sent within 5 business working days from the payment, then all the follow up books will be sent on the 1st of each month.

How do I redeem a gift?

Please click here and follow the step by step instructions. If you are struggling to redeem your gift please get in touch via our Live Chat service or email us on hello@thewilloughbybookclub.co.uk and we’ll be delighted to help.

Will my book fit through my letterbox?

The majority of our paperback books will fit through a standard letterbox. Some of our hardback titles and children’s picture books will be too big so you may need to collect these from your local sorting office. If you would like to leave us any delivery details or change your delivery address to a work address, please let us know.

I’ve moved, how do I update my address

This isn’t a problem, speak to one of the team on our live chat feature or email us at hello@thewilloughbybookclub.co.uk and give us your updated address. We work a month ahead to make sure all of our books are ready to be dispatched on the 1st of the month so changes to your address will need to be given at least one month in advance. We can accommodate changes made closer to the dispatch date but please be aware these will incur an additional postage fee.

Do you ship internationally?

Due to new regulations concerning EU customs duties, we are currently shipping to the UK only. If you would like to speak to us about International shipping on an individual basis please contact hello@thewilloughbybookclub.co.uk

Can I update my subscription details and reading preferences?

Yes, you can email us or use our live chat feature to update your reading tastes. We work a month in advance so changes to your subscription (including address changes) will need to be provided by the 1st of the month prior to dispatch.

I don’t know what my gift recipient likes to read, help!

Don’t worry! If you are unsure what the recipient likes to read, you can purchase either an email gift voucher or a gift tin. The lucky recipient can activate this themselves and tell us all about their reading tastes! Alternatively, you can contact a member of the WBC team who can talk through other options.

I want something to give my gift recipient for a special occasion can I get the first book early?

We can’t provide this service due to the volume of subscriptions we fulfil, however we do offer a printable gift certificate that is perfect to tuck inside a card! Alternatively, you can purchase one of our gift tins or email gift vouchers for the recipient to redeem themselves.