The Willoughby Reading Challenge 2024

The Willoughby Reading Challenge 2024 - The Willoughby Book Club

It's a brand-new year and time for a brand-new Willoughby Book Club Reading Challenge! We've put together a series of prompts, sensible and silly, fun and serious, to help nudge you through a year of reading. Whether you're intending to read 10 books or 100,  if you read for pleasure, learning or escapism, there's no judgement here. Let us know how you get on!



WBC Reading Challenge 2024

- A seasonal book

A book from a debut author

A non-fiction book

Animal, vegetable or mineral on the cover

A book set in the 1990s

A backlist book by an author you like 

- A book you’ve been given

A book you judged by the cover

- A funny book

- A book that has been shortlisted for a prize

A book with a cover in your favourite colour

- A book based on folklore

- A tearjerker

- A secondhand book

- A book in a genre you wouldn’t usually choose

- A novella

- A non-British classic

- A book about books

- A book written by an author with your first name

- A book you’ve been meaning to read for more than 2 years

A book that makes you feel fuzzy

A book set in the country you’re in

A book selected with your eyes closed...

A book with a building on the cover

A book selected by us!! (DM us...)

Happy Reading!

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  • Fantastic! 2024 reading challenge. Count me in. Will let you know how I get on. No pressure!!

    Nicky Brough on

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