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"This company provides an amazing service. I have a limited disposable income and was concerned about receiving a book I already owned. Not a problem. They happily go to the effort of sending an email each month telling me which book has been selected so I can veto if I already own it. Wonderful books, beautifully packaged. Amazing customer service."

"I have bought a gift subscription for multiple friends and family members, they are always thrilled with the books sent. Perfect for bookworms who seem to have read "everything" already. I can't recommend WBC enough!"

"This is an absolute must for anyone who enjoys reading, and makes an awesome gift. I've bought subscriptions for my wife and children and they love getting a new book each month. Not only that, but the books are specially chosen to suit the reader, then carefully wrapped so the receiver gets an amazing present every month."

"This is one of my favourite gifts. From newborns to 70th birthday presents, I've used the book club for lots of occasions and it has always been a hit! Carefully chosen and beautifully wrapped, I cannot fault it!"

"I bought a subscription for my sister for her birthday. She loved all the books she received and was amazed that WBC managed to find books that fitted so well with her interests but that she hadn't read before."

"I was given a yearly subscription for Christmas a few years ago, and since then bought a subscription for my friends birthday as I loved it so much."

"Loved having my book subscription with WBC, and would recommend them to anyone and everyone! They clearly know their stuff about books, and each package is lovingly prepared."

"I absolutely love receiving my subscription every month, the book picks are always perfect, the correspondence with them is always really helpful, and the wrapping is always beautifully done."

"An absolutely excellent service - each book was expertly chosen as if they knew me! And they were beautifully wrapped, adding to the excitement of the whole experience."

"One of the best presents I've ever received and I would definitely recommend it. I'll 100% be buying this for other people too in the hopes they buy them for me!"

"I cant believe how well they knew my book tastes when only given the smallest bit of information"

"I was given a three-month subscription as a birthday gift. The whole thing was a huge surprise for me -- I'd never expected that a stranger's selections could be so spot on."

"An excellent service and I look forward to receiving the books every month. The choice of books has been spot on based on the information I gave you regarding my likes. I shall be hinting to get this as a Xmas present again this year!"

"The Willoughby Book Club has been an absolutely wonderful subscription. Each and every book that I received was spot on in terms of my reading preferences."

"It's a great idea, I love getting my book each month. The books have been varied and I have discovered some great authors I might not otherwise have read."

"First class experience. The website was easy to navigate. I was able to complete my transaction swiftly and without any issues.The books were beautifully packaged when they arrived - clearly packed by hand with care."

"My book subscription was a gift from my best friend, and the best one I could ever receive. The books were all so well selected, the editions beautiful, I had no duplicates of what I owned & I've loved them all so far (so much so I extended my own subscription)"

"I am a massive fan of The Willoughby Book Club! My brother got me my first 6 months for my birthday and I was so sad at the end of it that my husband kindly renewed it for me! I also bought a couple of friends who were over the moon with the books they received."

"This is a simply wonderful service; it is easy to set up, the packaging is beautiful and fun and more importantly each delivery is a delightful surprise."