Celebrating 10 years of 
The Willoughby Book Club

Established in 2012, The Willoughby Book Club was created in the picturesque Leicestershire village of Willoughby Waterleys by a young couple with a love for reading and a dream…

Books were personally selected, carefully hand wrapped in tissue and dropped at the local post office daily to be sent to book lovers across the UK.

The Willoughby Book Club has grown, developed, and flourished since our starting point around a home kitchen table. We are proud to have sent books to over … over the years, to readers as far and wide as Vanuatu, Singapore, and Australia. We have had the privilege of carefully selecting books for readers throughout their journey of adolescence, we’ve sent matching books to distant friends and reminded faraway family members that there’s someone out there thinking of them.

Since 2012, we have been busy expanding our range of subscriptions, so we’ve something to offer for every reader. Bringing the love for reading to all we are excited to announce to have launched our very first range of hoodies, t-shirts, prints and other bookish gifts this year… why not come and have a browse?

We’ve seen the Willoughby staff grow from two to ten. Old friends and colleagues have moved on, and new faces have joined us, but we remain true to our love of books and reading and the joy the gift of reading can bring. We are now based in Blaby village, where we share premises with our colleagues in M3 Create. You’ll find us chatting about the books we’re reading over a cuppa or browsing the bookshelves to find the perfect title for each of our subscribers.

We continue to donate a book to Book Aid International for every Willoughby subscription that is purchased. Spreading our love for reading, we are still on our mission to make reading accessible to all as we believe that everyone should have access to books and reading.

We are so happy to be celebrating our 10th anniversary: here’s to 10 more years of books and reading! Thank you to all the readers and gift-givers who have supported us over the years, we wouldn’t be here without you.

 meet our team

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