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Birthday gift

A wonderful gift. It is exciting waiting to see what the next book will be. Not ones I would necessarily choose, but a good way to introduce new authors and genres. The icing on the cake is the decaf tea bags with each book - a lovely touch. Having received this gift, I then bought a subscription for my wife.

Great present idea

Loved receiving this as a gift

Great, love getting subscription as gifts

I love giving the gift of subscription books. Willoughby delivers such a reliable service. I’ve been purchasing a subscription for 10 years now as a gift through them and they’ve never missed a delivery and every book has been different. Their bespoke service is really good, and selects books that ordinarily my mum wouldn’t have chosen. 10/10 - would definitely recommended

Fantastic service!

I had an absolutely brilliant bespoke subscription given to me by a friend - it was so good I actually bought one for my mum too, and she has loved it as well. I've been introduced to new authors and titles, but all in the genres that I enjoy - I could tell the books were very carefully selected. I highly recommend this subscription!

A fabulous 60th birthday present.

My sons purchased a 6 month subscription for my sister's 60th birthday, as I felt this was a gift that would keep on giving. She's received 2 books so far, loved them both and is avidly waiting the arrival of book 3. It's something different and is the perfect gift for someone who loves books.

Highly recommend

Great gift and service.

Another excellent subscription

Having subscribed to fiction for two years and trying the wellness subscription, it was time to try the crime one…and not disappointed! The same quality selections and what keeps us coming back for more!

Great service

Spookily perceptive

Having selected this subscription and decided on fiction.As a fan of paranormal the books they selected for me were spot on. bookworm says thank you

Unusual gift

It was lovely to receive a gift of books as I love reading. I would have liked to give more details of what I enjoy reading but the two books I have already received are enjoyable.


Our YA reader loved every book. Highly recommended and appreciated.

70th birthday gift

hi. you have sent this request to the person who bought the subscription. However, I am the recipient, Mickie. The subscription is a 70th birthday gift from my 2 daughters, sons-in-law and baby granddaughter. The first 2 books have been amazingly appropriate for me. Debra Barnes 'The Young Survivors' appeals because I am passionate about Holocaust Education and its relevance to today. My other passion is Wild Life and so the second book that i am currently reading, Dian Fossey's 'Gorillas in the Mist' is absolutely fascinating, if rather outdated in terms of current knowledge and research.

Kill the Father

Really enjoyed reading this my first selected book and a big thank you to Olivia for choosing this for me and looking forward to reading my next selected book. Mr Daron Bentley


It’s a brilliant idea and we have loved the books so far. Thank you!

Amazing gift!

My subscription was a gift from my work colleagues. I love it. They couldn't have picked a better present. I really look forward to receiving my book each month, and first book that was picked for me was brilliant, and the second book, which arrived today, looks like it's going to be a great read too. Can't wait to start it! A brilliant gift for any book lover. Would highly recommend 📚🙂

Great gift for book lover

Perfect gift for those who like a good read

It’s got me reading again!

This was a gift I didn’t think I needed, but I have enjoyed the choices made for me so far.


I have bought 2 subscriptions and the book selection is fantastic. The books are really different .It is a brilliant gift for children.

Renew your subscription! Save 10%

Very efficient service for both my grandauhters

This subscription was a gift. I feel that the chosen books reflected my criteria well. I was worried that the books chosen might be ones that I had already read, but they were not. Excellent choices! When the subscription has finished, I will be tempted to renew it. I have really enjoyed receiving a surprise book every month. Thank you.


I was originally gifted a subscription as a birthday gift and after it ended I missed getting the book each month so I recently paid for a new subscription myself. The majority of the books match my taste perfectly, there has been a couple that are not my type however it’s not an issue and i kept the book rather than exchange as it’s a good opportunity to try something different .

Great, relevant books

I received this as a gift and loved each book that has been sent. Ones that I wouldn’t have chosen but each one exactly what I like to read! Really great gift.

The Temptation of Gracie

A lovely romantic story full off twists and turns and descriptions of the wonderful Italian countryside in Tuscany.

The Golden Key

Too many threads. I lost interest because it jumped from 1 character to another and unless you read it in 1 sitting it was chaotic reading.