My Year of Dickens, an interview with Victoria Keating

One of the few nice consequences of the pandemic was a chance to properly get to know my neighbour, singer songwriter Victoria Keating, without the stiff formalities of nodding hello on the morning commute. As she moved in just prior to lockdown I had the privilege of getting to know her in a strange isolation: we were meeting no family or friends and jumped at the chance to chat across the garden fence.

As the country began to emerge from lockdown, I sat down to chat with Victoria about her inspirations and her creative process, and how a year spent immersed in the works of Dickens inspired both a new song, and the title for her lockdown project: Little Rooms, Big Music.

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June Wrap Up: What We’ve Been Reading

How has your month of reading been? Are you fully immersed in chunky books, or are you still struggling to concentrate and feeling a little scattered following the stress of the last few months?

Wherever you are at with your reading, we can all celebrate the re-opening of independent book shops again. What a delight to finally browse again, despite the distancing and masks…

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May Wrap Up: What We’ve Been Reading

Since the lockdown began (how many weeks has it been now?), I have found it extraordinarily difficult to concentrate on a book. In an effort to reignite the habit of reading, I decided to ‘shop my shelves’ and re-read books I already own.

“It’s when times are hardest that we need the transformative magic of books and creativity the most.” – Cressida Cowell


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