A Taste of Holidays

The sky is bright and cloudless, the sun already making its presence known.  Fresh coffee calls to sleepy people and glasses of fruit juice drip condensation onto the counter top.  Strawberries, blueberries and raspberries piled high in a bowl next to bread, fresh from the bakery, and locally sourced butter.  Breakfast Al Fresco beckons, and as I open the French doors onto the flower-scented patio, stretching and smiling at the prospect of another glorious day… at home!

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June Wrap Up: What We’ve Been Reading

How has your month of reading been? Are you fully immersed in chunky books, or are you still struggling to concentrate and feeling a little scattered following the stress of the last few months?

Wherever you are at with your reading, we can all celebrate the re-opening of independent book shops again. What a delight to finally browse again, despite the distancing and masks…

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May Wrap Up: What We’ve Been Reading

Since the lockdown began (how many weeks has it been now?), I have found it extraordinarily difficult to concentrate on a book. In an effort to reignite the habit of reading, I decided to ‘shop my shelves’ and re-read books I already own.

“It’s when times are hardest that we need the transformative magic of books and creativity the most.” – Cressida Cowell


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