Wellbeing day

December can be a difficult time of year to remember to take some time to stop and take care of yourself, it’s such a busy time of year. There is so much hustle and bustle, it seems like there is barely a moment to pause and breathe. In December our wonderful director, Marianne, treated us to a special and relaxing “Wellbeing Day”. Focusing on centring ourselves and taking a moment to stop and practice some very important and well needed self-care.

We live in a world where so much importance is placed on productivity and external success, and it can be draining. By the time January comes around each year everyone is so tired and burnt out from the previous busy months it’s no wonder there’s a Monday in January now called “Blue Monday”.

To many of us, self-care can almost feel selfish and wasteful.

Two fantastic ladies, Jo and Karen from Weleda came to remind us that that is just not true.

Our day was filled with hand massages, to give thanks to our hands and all the work they do for us. A fun lunch filled with laughter and stories. And time to get to know our co-workers more and see how far we have all come, and what we have learned and gained during our time at Willoughby. The wonderful ladies from Weleda gave us a moment to just stop and put ourselves first. We had luxurious foot baths and it made such a lovely and relaxing day. Goodie bags filled with chocolates, a book, and loads of Weleda products ended the perfect stress-free day.

January can be quite a hard month for a lot of people, we’re tired, broke and going into a third year of Covid. It can really seem never ending. However, January is also a time to start afresh. So, this is your friendly reminder that it’s good to take breaks, pause and take a breath.

Remind yourself to practice a little self-care and put yourself first for the coming year.


(And as we all know some of the best self-care can simply be turning off your phone and curling up to read a brand-new fantastical story.)

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