12 ways to reuse our new book wraps…

Since introducing our new book wraps, everyone in the office has been thinking up new and creative ways to reuse them.
Here are 12 of our favourites!

1. Colouring sheet 

Why not flip our book wraps over and use outlined side to de-stress and and enjoy some colouring – or to keep little hands occupied!

2. Origami

If you are looking for a more complex challenge the thick paper is perfect for trying you hand at some origami.

(This is Harold the crane)

3. Wrapping paper

Whether its for a secret Santa gift or stocking fillers, our book wraps are great for wrapping up those small presents!

4. Butterflies

These little paper butterflies are perfect for stringing together into a beautiful garland, or simple keeping your books company on your shelves.

5. Snowflakes

Challenge the children in your life to make the prettiest snowflakes to decorate the fridge in the coming weeks!

6. Packing filler

What about simply shredding the paper to keep all those special Christmas presents safe and sound!

7. Paper dolls

Make your home come to life with some pretty paper dolls –  add some glitter for extra sparkle!

8. Christmas Ornaments

Perfect for adding a little handmade love to our Christmas trees, why not try making some paper chains and some Christmas ornaments

9. Childhood games

Relive childhood nostalgia and craft some of the games we all remember playing in the schoolyard. Fortune tellers and paper planes were a favourite around the Willoughby office!

10. Paper stars

Join the Japanese tradition of sharing love and luck by filling a jar with these gorgeous lucky stars and gifting them to someone special. As the story goes:

“Whenever a lucky star is made, a falling star is saved.”


Replace the receipts and scraps of paper we all tend to use to mark our pages with a simple and easy corner bookmark.


And lastly, how about a little handmade card as a thank you to the lovely person who gifted you the subscription.






Let us know if you try any of these ideas or have any suggestions on how to reuse our new wraps, and you might be featured on our social media!

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