World Book Day: Willoughby Recommends

What book should I read next? This question is posed to the Willoughby Book Worms on a very regular basis, especially on World Book Day when everyone is talking about all things bookish.
And, while we pride ourselves on being able to quickly choose a fitting title for an avid reader, we also have our own personal favourites that we would recommend to anyone, regardless of their reading preferences.

World Book Day is one of our favourite days of the year. We can recall countless childhood memories of rushing to our local bookshops after school to make the grand decision of which book to buy with our £1 token.

It’s the one day of the year where every child has the chance to buy their own physical book, regardless of their social or financial background. Accessibility to literacy is very important to the Willoughby Book Club. That’s why we also support Book Aid International to ensure that people without the means to buy books can explore the literary world.

According to the World Book Day website, in 2016:

1 in 4 children reported that the book they ‘bought’ with their book token was the first book of their own.


This statistic is incredible! The impact of World Book Day on the confidence and wellbeing of a young reader is truly staggering.

Meanwhile, at the WBC office, we’ve decided to celebrate World Book Day 2020 by sharing with you all a sneak peak at some of our ultimate reads! Did you think you only liked reading one kind of book? Think again, friends.



Let us know in the comments which book you would recommend to absolutely anyone.



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